Summer Show Competition Rules

1. ALL PAID-UP Members shall be eligible to compete in all classes.

2a) ALL EXHIBITS in Classes 1 to 31 (vegetables, fruit, cut flowers and shrubs) must have been grown by the Exhibitor.
2b) ALL EXHIBITS in Classes 32 to 35 (pot plants) must have been in the Exhibitor’s possession for more than three months prior to Show.
2c) Plant material used in Decorative Classes 37 – 40 need not have been grown by the Exhibitor.
2d) ALL EXHIBITS in Classes 41 – 50 (home produce) must have been prepared by the Exhibitor within 12 months prior to Show.
Note that the RHS Show Handbook definition of Vegetable and Fruit applies (e.g. tomatoes, rhubarb and mushrooms are all classed as Vegetable).

3. All ENTRIES must be on a Club ENTRY FORM and submitted at the Wednesday Club meeting immediately prior to Show, with the entry fee of 10p per exhibit. Exhibit will be disqualified if not staged in accordance with the submitted ENTRY FORM. Exhibitors should keep a careful note of classes entered.


5. An EXHIBITOR’S NUMBER and one ENTRY CARD for each class entered will be issued by the Treasurer. Each ENTRY CARD must be filled in on both sides to show the CLASS entered and the EXHIBITOR’S NUMBER. The front of the card must also show the Exhibitor’s name, and a description of the entry as per the Schedule (e.g. “four onions”, “five stems of pinks”). The ENTRY CARD must be placed face down alongside the exhibit.

6. ALL EXHIBITS MUST BE STAGED BY 11 am on the day of the Show. Exhibitors must supply their own plates and vases. Exhibitors must leave the Hall when judging commences (11 am). Only Club Officials may be present when judging is in progress.

7. IN ALL CASES THE JUDGE’S DECISION IS FINAL and cannot be altered. Complaints and comments will be recorded by Club Officials and addressed in relation to future shows.

8. IN CLASSES WITH LESS THAN THREE EXHIBITS, it will be left to the Judges’ discretion which prizes, if any, will be awarded.

9. “BEST IN….” awards (e.g. Joan Winter Shield, Baden Hanton Cup, Rosettes) will be determined directly by the Judges.

10. Awards based on the “HIGHEST NUMBER OF POINTS” will be calculated by CLUB OFFICIALS from the individual prizes awarded by the Judges. Three points will be awarded for a First Prize, two points for a Second Prize and one point for a Third Prize. In the event of a tie, the highest number of First Prizes awarded (and, if necessary, the highest number of Second Prizes) will be taken into account. Winners excluded by the tie-break rule will be awarded a Certificate.

11 ALL CHALLENGE CUPS AND THE SHIELD are held by winners for one year, or part of a year if a tie takes place. All Cups and Shields remain Club property, and must be returned to the Club on or before the Wednesday Club meeting prior to the next Show. The N&NHS Bronze Medal, Rosettes and Certificates are permanent awards and become recipient’s own property.

12. UNLESS MARKED “NOT FOR SALE”, all exhibits will be either auctioned at the end of the Show, with proceeds to Club funds, or donated to deserving members of the local community.

13. ALL EXHIBITS AND PERSONAL PROPERTY SHALL BE AT EXHIBITOR’S RISK. The Club shall not be deemed responsible for any loss howsoever caused.